Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 Years old

My Presley Poo turned 4 on Mothers Day, who four years ago made me a momma, and what a ride I was in for.  Presley you have the best memory I don't think there is anything that slips through the cracks.  You love animals if there is a dog in a 5 mile radius we have to go ask if we can pet it.  You are Moms best friend and Love to go every where with mom.  You just finished up your first year of preschool and mom couldn't be more proud.  You love to sing and put on a show for everyone.  Some of your favorite things right know are Hello Kitty, little pet shops, favorite TV show is Max and Ruby, Mac n Cheese and chocolate milk are your favorite foods.  You like to jump on the tramp, help mom make dinner, ride your bike and four wheelers, and you want your daddy to take you fishing.  You have turned into the sweetest big sister and your little brother adores you his eyes light up when he sees you.  You are smart, beautiful and a little diva with a whole lot of attitude both good and bad.  Mom loves you to pieces and can't wait to experience you as a BIG four year old..