Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gunlock Rodeo

 Alyssa's brother had caught some frogs in a nearby pond.  Quite the entertainment for little kids.
We went to the Gunlock Radio (AKA Rodeo)  Press kept calling it the Radio.  It was our first time to Gunlock which I think has to be considered  one of the smallest towns I have ever seen, and that says a lot considering where I grew up.  Presley loved every minute of it she got to play with her friend Alyssa that had moved away and was back visiting her grandma.  They chased chickens, but she didn't manage to catch anything.  She cried over that part she really wanted to catch a chicken.  They also did a boot race which she participated in.  She got an autograph from the rodeo queens, and to sit by them for a minute.  I enjoyed a snow cone and catching up with my friend. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

8 Months

Ridge turned eight months on the 7th of July.  I can't believe that we are this far along already, it seems like I was just having him and he was so little.   Now he is getting so big and so grown up I know I don't like it.  He is starting to get around, not by crawling but by scooting backward and he also does this weird thing sitting up that he can move across the room doing I need to get a picture of it.   We are starting to get serious about food, and he loves it.  I don't know why I put it off for so long.  He eats anything that I have gave him and really loves when anyone has a water bottle he dives at it with his little mouth open trying to get some.  His daddy let him try a piece of licorice which he loved and also turned him into a giant red mess.  He didn't love me when I took it away from him.  We still only have 2 teeth and are still in 3-6 months clothes.  One of his big accomplishments this month is waiving at people it is adorable.  Although every time I try to get a picture or video of it he stops, little turkey!  We are growing quite the faux-hawk I love all his hair, Presley never had any. 
His babysitter moved last week and we are very sad, we will miss our Allie.  She is off to New Mexico and we will miss her.  So is getting used to someone new and that was a little rough the first week, but he has his big sis looking out for him now.  I can't wait for next month I think we may have a crazy crawler on our hands and he is going to be a mess maker I can already tell.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Independence Day

      In our annual fashion we went home for the 4th of July, I'm not sure much can beat the small town celebrations.  The kids had a great time, they got so loaded up on treats and prizes.  We watched fireworks on the night of the 3rd in Gunnison, we were a little worried that Ridge was not going to like the fireworks.  He proved us wrong he was mesmerized by them he just stared and was very content.   We went to both parades had a couple of BBQ's, were able to spend time with a lot of family.  I LOVE this holiday. I have decided  Presley needs some cousins so that she has a little challenge at the parade.  Growing up you had to fight for your candy and whatever else they would throw.  She is the only little kid so everyone was giving her everything.  A little spoiled if I do say so, one day we might have some cousins though, hopefully.
   This will probably be the last time that we get to be on Grandmas front porch, they are getting ready to sell her house.  That was bitter sweet it just wasn't the same with out her.  I miss her everyday, but I think a little more at certain times, the 4th was her favorite Holiday and she went all out.  I know she was in Heaven looking down and watching us.  She is truly missed and was such an amazing lady I just feel blessed to have had her in my life as long as I did. 
     It was a good Holiday and I am glad we decided to go home, even if it was a quick trip, and can't wait until next year.
 Watching the fireworks in the back of Grandpa Charlies truck.

 Getting ready for the parade to start.

 Grandma and Grandpa Snow getting to Love on Ridge.
 Grandpa Charlie gave Presley her cowboy hat and she loved it.

 LOVE these two cuties!

 My cute brothers.
 Ridge on his 3rd outfit for the day, apparently it was a messy holiday.

Presley showing off all her loot from the day, including her killer shades.

SeVeN MoNtHs!

Ridgey Boy has made it to seven months he is now a whopping 15 pounds and 5 ounces and almost 27 inches long we have moved up to the 4th percentile.  We are getting good use out of our 3-6 months clothes, which I don't mind at all.  He still just has two teeth but I'm pretty sure there are more getting ready to come in.  This month Ridge has mastered the art of sitting up, once in a while he still has a tip over but does really well with it now.  He doesn't like to lay down any more he wants to be sitting up and able to see what is going on around him.  He still loves his baths or any kind of water, his sister, he loves his babysitters dog Bella she's just his size and lets him love all over her.  He is such a happy little guy and we love him to pieces.

Love my cute boys!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation Time!

I had some time off of work, so I decided to pack up the kids andhead home while Dad stayed and worked.  On Thursday we went and visited Grandma Deb and Grandpa Charlie.  We had a picnic at the park and played on the playground, mostly the swings they her favorite. The weather was so enjoyable compared to St. George.  We went back to Grandmas and had some ice cream where Ridge got to try a taste or two, at first he didn't know quite what to think and then he was loving it. I think he will be hooked on push pops just like Presley.  Grandma stocks up the freezer when she knows Presley is coming. We also did a little shopping, Presley always talks Grandma into something.

This is an interesting picture I am not sure what my camera did to it.

Then we headed to my parents house to spend the rest of the weekend, Presley got to play with the ducks, we played in Grandmas little swimming pool, Ridge loves the water it is so cute.  We mostly just hung out and relaxed until Saturday.  Saturday we headed up north to go shopping and to the Lindon Aquatics Center.  Our first stop and my only request was to Hobby Lobby it was my first time and WOW! there is so much stuff in that store.  We all found some really great stuff and two hours later we came out.  After Lunch we had used most of our shopping time so we headed to Logan and Dresden's house to change and then to the aquatics center.  It was such a cute place and Presley was so sad when they told everyone that they were closing for the night.  Both of my kids love the water and so far there hasn't been anything that Presley is scared to try, which scares me.  We had a really good day, and it's always good to see family.  We headed home Sunday night in hopes of a better nights sleep.  Ridge would not sleep at Grandmas house he wouldn't even nap it was awful.We had such a good time seeing the Grandparents, we are lucky they live so close so we are able to see them both in the same trip.  They all spoil my kids we are very lucky and love them all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coral Pink Sand Dune Trip

We postponed our normal Easter trip for better weather in may and that it was, it was also a camping trip that I will probably not forget anytime soon.  On our way to the dunes Ridge vomited and it was more than just a little spit up, so as we arrived I got to tear apart his car seat and try to wash it the best I could.  The day went on and we rode, ate good food, visited, and the weather was perfect.  The dunes were awesome and my Dad had borrowed a RZR, which everyone was fighting over who got to ride it next.  Now we all want one thanks Dad!  That night Ridge threw up again all over in my Moms trailer so we cleaned that up and headed to our Motel for the night.  Presley wanted to stay with Grandma and Grandpa so we left her.  Our night wasn't too bad but Ridge hates to sleep anywhere but his crib. 
      The next morning when we got back out, we found out Presley had thrown up once in the night.  But she was fine all Saturday we went on a lot of big rides, tried to play badmitten and then about 6:00 it hit she had the stomach flu and the poor thing was miserable.  Ridge had switched to the runs and was blowing out his diapers left and right.  All I can say is its a good thing we brought lots of extra clothes.  That night at the Motel was pretty miserable for everyone.  Needless to say not much fun happened on Sunday.  I got to go for a Ride with Tay on the RZR it was one of the funniest rides of the trip.  Both of my brothers are so much fun to ride with I am lucky to have them. 
       Besides both kids having the stomach flu while camping it was a fun trip, I always look forward to our annual sand dune trips.  I love riding on the dunes and getting to spend good quality time with the fam.   Not to mention the killer dutch oven potatoes and scones that my mom and dad always make while we are there.  Now I just have to start saving for a RZR they are only as much as a small car no big deal.  I didn't get to many pictures which I'm bummed about I think I was too busy cleaning up poop Oh the JOYS of being a Momma!

Presley's Preschool

She can be so cute!  Prelsey kept hauling her stuffed animals outside and then a chair and a blanket.  I snuck out to see what she was up to, and this is what I saw.  After I took the photo I asked her what she was doing.  Well Preschool of course it was too cute.  I love this little munchkin so much she is so smart and has loved preschool this year.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lets Party!

Press got to have her first friend party and boy was she excited.   She decided she wanted to have a Hello Kitty themed party this year.  She;s a little obsessed right now.  If I would let her wear a Hello Kitty shirt everyday she would but I'm a mean Mom and won't.  We invited 6 little friends and decided to have a water party.  We borrowed a blow up water slide from a friend of mine which was a huge hit.  We bought water squirters as part of the party favors, and a cooler full of water balloons so everyone could soak each other.  After about an hour of water fun the girls decided they wanted to open presents.  Presley received a lot of Hello Kitty presents from a lawn sprinkler, purse, P.J's, giant coloring book.  Hello Kitty is every where.  We had cute cake pops and cupcakes, one little girl told me that the treats weren't very healthy, it's a Birthday Part your supposed to have cake,  I just laughed.  After that we finished up with a Pinata the one thing that Presley requested, the girls filled up their goody bags with all of the fun things Presley had picked out to fill it up with.  After that very fun two hours I was very ready for the Moms to arrive and pick everyone up.  Presley had so much fun, and gave me a big thanks for letting her have a friend party.  Oh so worth it. 

If that wasn't enough fun for one day we had a family BBQ later that night.  Presley is so luck to have such great family that loves her and is willing to travel and come to her birthday we appreciate and love them as well.   We BBQ Hamburgers and opened presents and of course some cake and ice cream.  We got her a Hello Kitty Razor scooter and Ridge got her a Little Pet Shop.  She received dolls, clothes, swim stuff, shoes, games and much more this little girl always gets spoiled.   We love our little Presley Poo and glad she had a great 4th Birthday.

 Grandpa did a good job of putting Ridge to sleep, which is a very hard task this boy does not like to nap.

Ridge quite enjoyed the bows and all of the loves and attention.