Thursday, November 29, 2012

Color Me Rad

Color Me Rad 5K tons of fun and crazy color, this was a blast and I can't wait until next year.

It took 3 shampoos to get all of the color out of my hair.  It was my first running 5K and a good one to start with it was more for fun than how fast you could run. 


I can't believe that my baby is one,  crazy how much changes in a year!  This little boy has brought so much LOVE into our little family.  He's such a sweet little thing and we love him to pieces.  He is a whopping 17 pounds now I just barely started buying 6/9 months clothes.  Ridge you have mastered crawling and you are now climbing on everything which scares me.  Every time I turn around you've found something new to climb. You walk around the furniture and can get off the couch by yourself but not to much interest in walking by yourself.  Still no talking maybe even reverting from saying ma ma.  You do know what you want,  you point and grunt until we get to what it is that has caught your attention. You love to give kisses and are not stingy with them. You and your sister are so cute together, I think you already have the pestering thing down.  No one can make you laugh like she does.  You love balloons so we filled the front room floor with them and  let you open a couple presents.  Your party is a little later this month and want to save the rest until then.  Happy Birthday Little Man!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


 Took our usual Halloween pictures ridge was thrilled!  He would not smile until the very end when I finally took his hood off.
 Presley's preschool had a trunk or treat around the block, they had a cute little song to sing to the parents.  Then we decorated cookies with them.
 Cute Little Stinker at Grandma and Grandpa Schaugaards house.
 Grandpa promised Presley something special for Halloween when we came to Trick or Treat, and he did not disappoint.
 We went with an animal theme this year a Fox, Skunk, and a Peacock.

The kids had a blast, Ridge enjoyed a stroller ride and holding a piece of candy in each hand.  Presley loved the entire day and was really out for candy this year.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Staheli Farm

 We finally made it to Staheli Farm I have been wanting to go for a number of years and just haven't.  Monday night is family night so off we went, except dad he was home with the stomach flu.  They have animals you can pet, a jumping pillow that Press thought was fabulous, slides, horse rides, wagon rides the works. 

 This was a special pumpkin carving night, they had over 50 pumpkins carved and lit up it was very cool.  Everything from traditional Halloween images to all of the super hero's from the Avengers.
 Love these two cuties!
 Wicka the witch was brewing up something creepy to sip and painting faces.  She was very in character and all the little kids loves her.  She painted black cats with sparkly green eyes on our cheeks.  I got in trouble for trying to wash it off in the bath tub that night.  She wanted it to be pregnant (her word for permanent).
We also did the corn maze but it was dark and we didn't have Dad with us, apparently Presley didn't think I was capable of keeping us safe so we had to follow another family and as we walked by the entrance again Presley was very ready to be done I'm not sure if we had even been in for 10 minutes.  You could over hear screams from the haunted maze and I think it was a little much.  Next year we hope Dad's not sick so we can venture a little more into the maze. 


 October has been busy, the kids started off the month with new Halloween pajamas which they loved and got to pick out themselves. 
 Next they were surprised by the Halloween Ghost or Mom with some fun goodies for the month and stuff they would need on Halloween night!
 We can finally go to the park with out sweating to death.  We all got our flu shots so I figured the more active they could be, hopefully their little legs wouldn't be as sore.  Ridge loved the swings it was his first time and he was so excited.

 I did the Save A Sister 5K it was my first and I had such a great time.  One of the ladies I work with who is also like a second mom has been battling breast cancer this last year and is cured.  So we all went to support her and all of the women who have had or will have breast cancer.  Also for my grandma who had it and won her battle as well.  It was so much fun and they really made it fun to get out there and participate.  Think I would do it again, plus I got some new pink and black chevron socks to boot!

 Everyone after they finished the race!
 We have Grandma and Grandpa back full time now, and we love it.

 I opted out of carving this year and we just "decorated" them with fancy face parts that just shove in.  Press was a little disappointed but it was so much easier and less mess.