Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 Months

Ridge Turned 6 months on 5-7-12  man how time does fly.  This has kind of been one of those months where you have just taken off, there is so much that is changing about you and so much that you are starting to do.  You are getting really good at sitting up, not quite by yourself but almost.  You have mastered rolling over and pushing up so high with your arms.  One time you even got your bum up in the air, I know that crawling is right around the corner and that I am not ready for that.   You grab everything and anything in sight and of course you try to put it all in your mouth.  We were in the store and I was packing you along and al the sudden i about lost you, you had latched onto some clothes and had a death grip.  You love grabbing your sisters hair and tugging and squealing, she doesn't appreciate this so much.  You know have two little teeth making there way in and its moms favorite when those come in.  You have the most infections grin, you are so ticklish, and have crazy fuzzy hair.  You still don't love to sleep if we ever make it past 3:30 it will be a miracle.  You also hate naps there are days you take maybe a 15 minute one all day and others about 2 hours ( not many of these though) but that's it.  You love your baby food there hasn't been anything that you have spit out so I consider myself lucky.  I love you to pieces Ridgey Roo you have stolen your mommas heart!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Chick Sleepover

Dad sells baby chicks at his work and Presley was going to get to go play with them, because Dads truck was getting fixed and we were going to pick him up.  Well they got it fixed faster than we thought.  Needless to say Presley was so sad she wasn't going to get to hold the baby chicks.  Dad decided he would bring one home for a sleepover and then take it back to work the next day.  She was so excited we let it run around out back on the patio and she pretty much packed it around wherever she went it was fun to have for a night but good it went back to the store.  If they would stay that cute and little we might have one to keep,

5 Months

Ridge turned 5 months on April 7, 2011.  This little man is growing right up and I would like him to just stop, although I know that is not going to happen.  He now weighs 13.8 lbs (5%)  and is 26 inches long (53%) Hes on the smaller side, but I love it I feel like I get to keep him a baby a little longer.   His coordination is getting so good he always wants something in his hands and is grabbing everything.  He quite likes his toys, and throws them around and slobbers all over them.  I am pretty sure we have some teeth brewing because you are so slobbery, Mom doesn't mind though.  Your sleeping habits are still about the same you go to bed at 9:30 and sleep till about 3:30 or 4 and then back to bed till about 6:30.  We have tried some cereal and a little baby food and you love it all.  You are so cute trying to figure the spoon and eating thing out, there is a lot of lip smacking sound effects and it is too cute especially when you tried pears.  You are such a happy smiling little thing with the cutest fuzzy head of hair.  Your momma loves you to pieces.

Mom turns 29

I had my big 29th Birthday ( wasn't too excited about this birthday)  Grandma and Grandpa came to see us, Roudy and Presley made me a cake.  I got lots of phone calls and texts and cards, and the next night got to go out to dinner with the girls.  Here's to another year old and wiser too.


This year was a little different for Easter, for the first time in  27 years we didn't go to the sand dunes for Easter.  It was a little sad because that is just what we have done for basically my entire life.  We decided we are sick of freezing and wanted the trip to be a little more enjoyable so it would be moved to May.  So we stayed home for Easter my parents decided to come here down.  It was a nice quiet Easter the kids found the surprises the Easter Bunny had left them, they hunted for the eggs that we had colored the night before, Ridge even found a couple.  We had a good lunch that Grandma and Granpa S. joined us for, and then went to their house to roll the Easter eggs done the mountain.  The kids loved it and it was fun even though it wasn't at the sand dunes.  Ridge did good on his first Easter and his sister helped him with all of the fun things.  She is quite the best big sis.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week with the Wilson's

 Presley was able to spend Grandmas spring break with her.  She was really excited to be able to go to Grandma and Grandpas all by herself without Mom and Dad.  They did too many fun things to count,  they went to the mountains and roasted hot dogs, road in the Jeep, and the Easter Bunny made an early drop while they were there.  They also were able to go to Aunt Krystal's farm and play with Trixie the mini goat, and feed and ride a baby cow. They made cupcakes, paper dolls and too many other fun things. She is always asking if she can ride a cow when she see's them and she finally did.  We glad her grandparents love her so much and are willing to take her for a while.  I know they were ready to come back and Mom was ready to have her home.  Things are way too clean and quiet when my Presley girl is not around.  I'm sure Grandma needed a nice long nap and maid service the next day.
 Trixie the Mini Goat and Presley.
Grandma did sponge curlers in her hair.  Brought back some memories/

 Getting to ride the baby cow with some help from Jace and Krystal.

Fun day on the farm!