Monday, May 6, 2013

Valentines Day

 Valentines Day started off with gifts from Mom and Dad, I made them cute little shirts. 
 We decorated there doors!  Presley was really excited, and Ridge didn't know quite what to think at first but then found out they were pretty fun to run through.

 This picture is priceless, I love this face he had just ran through the streamers.
 There was some drama and tears, over the fact that mom had got her Resies pieces and she doesn't like those and I was suppose to know that.  Which followed a conversation on being grateful and some kids don't get anything from their parents which added to the tears.  That's my girl!

 Dad brought both of his girls home some flowers.
 We decorated cookies, which was followed by a candle light dinner and then we ate our yummy cookies that I think were mostly sprinkles.
 They got spoiled by there grandparents as usual they have the best grandparents.  The Wilson's got them each a new pair of shoes.  The Robins sent them cards with money so they could get there own surprise.
It was a very exciting, very busy day.  As a working mom sometimes I feel like I try to over compensate on things like this so they will remember how much fun they were and not that they spent Valentines day at the baby sitters.  I love to spoil them and have fun surprises, kids make the holidays special.  Hope all my LOVES had a very Happy Valentines Day.

January 2013

      January never seems to be too exciting, we got some new winter hats and the kids wanted it to snow. It did one day and stuck for about a second and then melted. 
     Presley lost her first tooth, she can home from Jo's and said that her her gums were scratched.  So I took her in the bathroom to look and there was her new tooth coming in behind the baby one.  Within a week of Dad doing some major wiggling it was out and the tooth fairy came and left her $5 because it was her first tooth.  This tooth loosing business shouldn't be be happening for about another year.  Apparently we are going to do things early around here. 
     About the only other thing is sickness I hate the winter months for this reason, his poor little picture says it all he was miserable and it filtered through all of us.  I hate when my babies are sick.  Here's to the new year and making it a memorable one, filled with the people that I love!