Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Haircut

Your hair is awesome but it was getting a little too long so it was time for your first hair cut at Dad's Barber Shop. Dad was cutting his own, so Mom talked him into doing yours too. The trimmers must tickle, you kept shrugging down when Dad would get close to the back of your neck.  You held amazingly still, a little restless at the very end but so awesome.  You look more like a little man now though.  It's amazing how a little less hair will do that.  I'm sure it will grow back fast.

10 Months

 10 Months      Ridgey you have really taken off this month, and that is the truth.  You are full on crawling and travel all through the house.  Sometimes I start dishes and by the time I get them out away I have to go and search to see where you have gone.  You can give us five if we hold our hand out, and then get excited after you do it.  When you get excited you bounce up and down and down and let out the cutest squeal. You are still in 3-6 months clothes.  You love food if we are eating you do not want to be left out and are starting to not want the baby food version of everything.  You are the biggest momma's boy, and I'm loving it.  If mom's in the room you want to be right there by my side.  You are very bashful when strangers come at you and hide in moms shoulder.  You still adore your sister and love when she plays with you. If you hear bath water running you come a crawling and get very excited.  You are so very handsome every where we go we get told how cute you are and how they love your hair!  Ridge I love you more everyday and feel so blessed that I get to be your Mom.   It's hard to believe in a few short months you will be 1, but I love watching you grow and develop.

Daddy Daughter Weekend!

     Presley and her Daddy went to the Sanpete County Fair to watch Uncle Jace drive in the Demolition Derby and spend some time with family.  I couldn't get off work so Ridge and I had a quiet weekend at home.  They went to the Derby, hit the rides at the Fair where her Dad said she was fearless and was asking to go on everything.   Grandma got her an unlimited pass so she could ride till her little heart was content.  They went to the parade the next morning where she got to be with her cousins Morgan and Jordan.  They also went to the mountains to have a cook out on the last day.  They had tons of fun, from what I heard.  I just need to get dad to work on pictures!  Luckily he snapped a few from his phone. 

Maple Grove

       The very next day after our ride we went out to maple grove with my Dad's side of the family.  This took place every year to celebrate Grandma Robins Birthday.  It has been a year since she passed and I think it's great that they want to keep the tradition going.  I can't believe it had been a year, so much can change in a year.  That was a really hard month that I am not sure I want to go back and redo.  I miss Grandma and wish that she was still here.  The only good thing is knowing that I will get to see her again one day.  I am currently working on a gallery wall for my kitchen and have been looking at a lot of pictures so many which include grandma, they bring strong emotions and a few tears.  Makes me want to spend so much time with those that I love and make sure they know that I love them. 
     We had a great dinner and visit with every one.  Inalee snuck Ridge some cake he loved it (who wouldn't).  Presley wore out Chester and CoCo taking them on walks and dragging them around on their leashes.  I'm sure they were glad when we left.  I love my family and am so THANKFUL for all of them and the part that they play in my life.

Birthday Ride in Marysvale

Finding acorns that has fell off of the trees.

This hill side was full of the wild raspberries they were quite good.

Grandma and Grandpa S. wanted to do their annual Birthday ride, so this year Grandpa had planned a ride a little past Big Rock Candy Mountain.  So we rode past marysvale and up into the Tushar's.  It was beautiful the entire ride up the weather was great and Ridge is such a great little rider.  I was a little worried we went for about a 5 hour ride and he did awesome, got his first taste of jerky I think he's hooked!  Presley loves riding so I knew she would be awesome.  We packed a lunch and away we went.  We came across wild raspberry bushes, beautiful landscape and a large granite mountainside.  It was a great ride I feel lucky that my grandparents still love to do things like this.  I hope I can be as active and have a love for things when I get older as well.  Happy Birthday to both of them we love you tons, and feel so blessed to have you in our lives.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Dirty Car Race"

Dad did the Demolition Derby at the Washington County Fair again this year.  Presley was excited to cheer Dad on, and we were hoping that Ridge would handle it ok.  He was a champ and we had lots of family with us to help keep him entertained.  He did really good this year, he took 5th place and won himself some money which makes it even more exciting. 
 Ridge hanging out with Grandma Deb and Aunt Krystal.
 In the first heat the Green car rolled the car that it is on top of great way to start off  a derby.
 Roudy's Aunt Morshelle and her two girls came to cheer him on.
 Roudy hit the front of this car and water and steam went flying every where.

After the Derby, My cute Little Family!

Swimming with Grandma S.

We decided we needed to practice Presley's newly found swimming skills, and Grandma and Grandpa were back for a few days so we went visiting and swimming.  It was Ridges first time and he loved it.  Presley showed Grandma her new skills and we were glad to see them.  They have been gone for the summer and we have missed not having them close.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Fish!

Presley took swimming lessons in July she was so excited to start.  She jumped right in and did everything the teacher wanted her too.  She is not scared of the water in the least.  She did so well and passed off level 1 and 2 and will get to do level 3 next year.  The first lesson I thought we weren't going to learn anything and by the end she was swimming on her own.  It was a proud mama moment.  I love my little outgoing adventurous girl!  Good job Presley my little fish.

                 Hardest part of swimming lessons keeping Ridge entertained in the heat for an hour.

Pioneer Day

     We had lunch with Dad, he had to work.   On the way home we stopped and bought some fireworks.  Ridge was in awe the entire time, and Presley loved the sparklers.  Love my cute kiddos!