Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Years Old

My sweet girl turned 5 in May she got to celebrate 3 weekends in a row one with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson she got a new fishing pole all her own.  She has been dying for someone to take her fishing since last summer.  The next weekend we went camping and celebrated with my family, where her cake exploded!  I took it out of the oven in the trailer set it down and a sound went off like a gunshot and glass exploded every where.  It was crazy, after a few tears about no cake we went in to Kanab that night for Ice cream instead.   On the actual day of her birthday we took her out to dinner of her choice, Pizza Factory, and she got a new bike.  Five is kind of a big one she starts kindergarten and just seems so big, and she couldn't be more excited for it all!

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